No Brainer Skin Safety Tips

mineral makeupWe already know that sunscreen is a must to keep the skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays. However, it isn’t just the sun you need to protect your skin from. In fact, the very skin care products you use on a daily basis can contribute to skin aging.

To keep your skin safe and protected, here are some simple tips you need to follow:

  1. Never use expired products – Expired products can lead to nasty infections that will make your skin break out. So throw out old skin care products before this becomes a problem.
  2. Keep your beauty tools clean – If you use bacteria-infested brushes, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get acne. So keep your stuff clean!
  3. Invest in organic products and mineral makeup – The less chemicals on your skin, the better. They might be a tad harder to find and more expensive, but it’ll be worth the investment in the end.


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