Uses of skin care products

Enhancing, hiding, and removal of one’s features are believed to be the three main uses of skin care products. Enhancing is done in times that one, for instance, has dry skin. Those moisturizing lotion and creams are used to enhance one’s skin making it smoother. On the other hand, hiding through skin care products is also possible. When one seems to have those unwanted spots such as pimples marks, there are those products that temporarily remove and lighten. Lastly, these products are most of the time used also for removal of the same unwanted features that are in need of specifics products to be cured. Examples are allergies, skin asthmas, and others. No matter what these products are used for, it is important that users don’t abuse its usage and though these products may appear very effective, there will always be limitations. In dealing with skin care products, one must be aware of its effects may it be positive or negative.

Foundations for Protection


I used to put on foundation that eventually irritates my skin. Most people with the same experience view foundations, and make-up in general, to be an additional “dirt” on the face that one will have to clean up at the end of the day. I later realized this should not be so.

One of the good foundation products I used that didn’t irritate my skin came from Artistry. This product line provides all-organic, pharmaceutical grade skin care items. I later learned that the foundation actually provides additional protection, like oil control ingredients, anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, and sun screen with SPF 15.


No Brainer Skin Safety Tips

mineral makeupWe already know that sunscreen is a must to keep the skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays. However, it isn’t just the sun you need to protect your skin from. In fact, the very skin care products you use on a daily basis can contribute to skin aging.

To keep your skin safe and protected, here are some simple tips you need to follow:

  1. Never use expired products – Expired products can lead to nasty infections that will make your skin break out. So throw out old skin care products before this becomes a problem.
  2. Keep your beauty tools clean – If you use bacteria-infested brushes, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get acne. So keep your stuff clean!
  3. Invest in organic products and mineral makeup – The less chemicals on your skin, the better. They might be a tad harder to find and more expensive, but it’ll be worth the investment in the end.


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Sunscreen: A Must for Your Skin’s Protection

We all know that it is very important to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, and yet many still neglect to apply sunscreen regularly. Sadly it isn’t until the tragedy that is cancer hits close to home that people often start heeding advice about skincare and protection.

If you are one of those who still do not apply sunscreen on a regular basis, there’s really no excuse not to do so especially if your reason is the eeky and greasy feel than sunscreens leave on your skin. While old sunscreens do feel sticky, new sunscreen lines from big brands like Neutrogena offer a great variety of sun protection products for just about any lifestyle and preference you may have. They even have sunscreen products that you can apply directly on wet skin!

So while wearing a hat is still advisable, so is going the extra mile and taking all the security measures you can take to secure your skin’s health.

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Skin care products: used for anti-aging

There are varying reasons behind a person’s addiction to skin care products and anti-aging is one of those. Aging is an uncontrollable, natural occurring scenario in one’s life that lead to some being surprised of how this scenario can instantly happen. The effects and changes that go with aging seem to worry the majority especially the women. This then leads them to finding ways on how to contradict these changes or at least lessen its effects. Creams that are said to have the purpose of moisturizing one’s aging skin or even remove wrinkles are widely used while others depend on products that are believed to even-out skin tone. These alone show that indeed people have their own purpose on using these readily available skin care products. Taking for instance, aging as an example, the occurrence of aging will lead people to supporting these costly yet assumed to be effective products and surely, the market of those manufacturers will surely expand.

Varying skin care products

There are uncountable skin care products manufactured everywhere and used at present varying from costs, brands, quality, and usage. With the continuous increase of these products, users seem to find it quite difficult to choose the product to purchase. Buyers must first consider the cost; its price should always suit its use. Never buy something out of popularity but more of because it is beneficial. Also, one must ensure that the product being bought is of great quality, effective, and its usage will last in the span of time that it needs to be applied. Most importantly, buy a product that you need and is appropriate for your condition rather than you want because buying those that are really not of importance might lead to one’s skin negatively reacting. Never overbuy products and just settle on those that you need because it is only going to be effective when its usage is really needed.

Maintaining one’s skin

Maintaining one’s skin doesn’t necessarily involve the usage of those expensive creams and the need for procedures but it is actually enough that a person knows the proper way of dealing with one’s skin in a regular basis. It all starts with one having the initiative of taking a bath at least twice a day. This is to remove the dirt caused by everyday activities. Also, there is no need for applying alternating or various expensive creams; one moisturizing lotion is enough for everyday use. After taking a bath, it is encouraged that this is applied to moisturize one’s skin that might have been somewhat dried by the soap used. Those two steps stated above might appear to be very simple but also are proven ways of maintaining one’s skin. A person must not overlook the importance of regular showers or bath because it is only through those that one’s skin is cleaned.

Loofah: The Good and the Bad

washcloth bathsponge and loofahLoofahs are supposed to keep your skin squeaky clean, but sometimes this excellent tool for skin exfoliation ends up being the cause for your skin woes.

If you use a loofah to scrub your body clean during bath time, it is important that you always rinse it well afterwards and hang it somewhere where it can dry out. As we’ve said before, it’s very important that you keep your beauty products clean. Since loofah is made from plant material, this great body scrub can be a hot bed for bacteria if it stays damp all the time. Allowing bacteria to flourish on your loofah is a big mistake since they can irritate your skins, and worse, give you skin infections.

So make sure your loofah doesn’t stay wet and soggy all the time to secure your skin’s health. If need be, take them out of the shower area and hang it outside where the sun can dry it well. You can also use two alternate between them to ensure that they have enough time to dry between use.

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Keeping Your Beauty Products Clean

No matter what brand of skin care product you may have in your makeup bag, it is of utmost importance that you keep them clean. Using makeup and makeup brushes and sponges that are old and dirty is a huge mistake since they’ll be bacteria laden. For really bad cases, they may even contain fungi. These bacteria and fungi will obviously transfer to your skin causing your skin to break out, or worse, make you sick.

Take care of your skin properly by keeping your brushes and sponges dry and clean. Throw them away and buy new ones at the first sign of wear. If your makeup gets wet, make sure you put them out to dry or buy new stock. It’s also a good idea not to share makeup accessories to avoid the transfer of germs. You can buy a makeup kit with a lock to keep your stuff secure if you have friends who like to use them without permission.

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Effective Anti-Aging Products

chanel-ultra-correction-liftYou might do your best to take care of your skin, but aging is still inevitable, or is it?

Based on the claims of numerous anti-aging products you would think that beauty product companies have already found the fountain of youth, but the truth is that even the best anti-aging products and treatments cannot really reverse the aging process. What the best products and treatments can do for you though is to slow down the aging process and repair what is possible. Still, these products are indeed worth looking into since they do deliver the result they promise – a more youthful ageless skin.

If you are looking for the best anti-aging products in the market though, be warned that most of these products are pretty expensive. This is especially true for the more effective cosmetic treatments administered by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. But hey, saving up for a product and treatment that actually works is a lot better than wasting your money on cheap ones that do nothing but add chemicals on your skin.

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