Unwanted Body Hair

Want flawless skin?
Unwanted body hair can be very and embarrassing and frustrating for a lot of people, especially women. Some are becoming shy and conscious that other people might see their unwanted hair.
People remove unwanted hair from their bodies (armpit, legs, face, bikini area, eyebrows, abdomen, pubic areas, arms) for several reasons. These reasons may be because of medical, aesthetics, sexual, cultural, or religious purposes. Whatever the reasons, there are a lot of hair removal techniques or treatments available, like shaving, waxing, laser, tweezing/plucking, and threading. It is best to research about the different methods before choosing what technique you will use in getting rid of your unsightly hair. You can either remove your unwanted hair yourself, which is cheaper, or go to a treatment center that offers different hair removal services.

Rosacea Skin Care Products – Are They Effective?

Rosacea can be a distressing condition that makes your skin much more sensitive than normal so you will probably want to use rosacea skin care products that are specially formulated to be as mild and non-irritating as possible. Many of the ingredients in the usual skin care products can cause irritation, burning and exacerbate the redness that rosacea causes. Ingredients that have been found to irritate the skin of rosacea sufferers include salicylic acid, clove oil, menthol, and peppermint so you may want to check that any products you are using do not contain any of these.

In addition the skin of rosacea sufferers are likely to be much more sensitive to the sun which can cause the rosacea to flare up so you should always use a good sunblock even on overcast days. The usual sunscreen products may themselves cause irritation so you may want to try products that contain only zinc or titanium dioxide without any other chemicals as these will not irritate the skin further.

Some Treatments for Rosacea

It is very important, if you have symptoms that indicate rosacea, that you consult a dermatologist or other medical practitioner who will be able to give you an appropriate treatment. The most frequent therapy that is prescribed is a course of oral antibiotics followed by topical medicines, in the form of lotions, gels or creams, that help control the condition in the long term. These lessen inflammation which can reduce the redness associated with rosacea and can prevent flare ups.

The medicines applied to the skin enhance the effect of the antibiotics and improve control over the long term. Some remedies frequently prescribed are azaleic acid, sodium sulfacetamide and metronidazole.

For sufferers of rosacea who fail to respond to these treatments or who have very severe rosacea perhaps with disfigurement, there are a number of other therapies. Laser treatment is available to heal the the tiny, visible blood vessels on the skin, dermabrasion may be used or even plastic surgery.

Dermabrasion removes the top layer of the skin to leave it clearer and smoother. For sufferers of rosacea who have skin thickening, especially in the vicinity of the nose, plastic surgery can be an effective option which will repair areas that have been damaged severely.

What Ingredients Are Used in Rosacea Skin Products?

As soon as the condition is controlled, OTC skin care preparations can be used effectively. Preparations made especially for rosacea can be bought that are non-irritating and mild, contain ingredients that are useful for sufferers of rosacea and have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions.

Other ingredients that have been found effective include Vitamin K and Willowherb. Willowherb has a long tradition of use for treating inflammation and burns and is very good for lessening the redness resulting from by rosacea. Vitamin K is critical for the health of the blood vessels and can help to heal the capillaries in the face.

Bio Maple has also been reported to be beneficial in reducing skin blemishes and redness and helps to stop the bacterial growth. Bio Maple is extracted from maple trees and has a similar pH to the skin.


Women should also be careful when they apply make up. Thick make up will probably clog up the pores and trap oil, which will increase the bacterial growth. A light, oil free, non-comodogenic (does not clog pores) make up is preferable.

In Conclusion

Rosacea is a painful and distressing condition that can be difficult to treat. However you can bring about a significant improvement by using topical medications prescribed by your dermatologist and using only rosacea skin care products that will not irritate the condition further.

Microdermabrasion – For a Youthful Skin


With microdermabrasion, you can improve your skin tone, bring back its luster, and get rid of superficial scars from acne. Depending on the condition of your skin, you can have as many as six peelings to achieve the best results. The usual treatment regimen is every one to two weeks. This procedure is done by the use of aluminum crystals that help peel the skin.

This procedure can be done on the skin of the body that are usually exposed to sun damage like the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. Even those with irregular skin pigmentation, those with irregular and rough skin, wrinkles and stretch marks can also benefit from this. Look for more information about how microdermabrasion can help you.

Skin Care for Pregnant Women

Would be moms are often advised to stay away from skin care products during pregnancy. After all, it’s not just what you eat that can affect the baby, but also what you put on your body. But before you go overboard and start neglecting your skin, here are some facts on to help you choose your skin care products more wisely.

The truth is that there are safe skin care products during pregnancy. In general, sunscreen and hair removers and minimizers are safe to use. So no need to increase your risk for skin cancer by laying off the sunscreen.

Makeup is also considered safe, but you should avoid using those that contain salicylic acid and retinoids. A huge relief if you don’t want to spend extra on new makeup, after all you’ll want to start saving for home renovations to make your house baby-friendly.

And while you’re at it, pregnant or not, you might also want to stay away from skin care products that contain the worst 7 ingredients on our list.

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Home Remedies–Natural Skin Care


Hear ye, hear ye–no need to look further than your kitchen pantry. Here are some natural beauty treatments–all natural!Aspirin: with exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties; effective for treating and preventing acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar: exfoliates and brightens the skin.

Baking Soda: effectively, but gently, exfoliates the face and body; also used for cleansing (combined with other products, or used alone).

Epsom Salt: also a sedative, it exfoliates and softens skin (must not be used on the neck and face).

Honey: a natural antibacterial and antiseptic, it is good for cleaning oily and blemished skin, treating acne, and helps skin to retain moisture because of its natural anti-oxidant content.

Hydrogen Peroxide: an effective natural sanitier, though should not be used on otherwise healthy skin.

Lemon Juice: a natural exfoliant, anti-infective nad skin brightener; bleaches discolored areas and darkened skin; removes dead skin.

Oatmeal: calms skin, and has anti-inflammatory uses; it has silicon and other minerals that soothe the skin, and helps relieves itching.

Olive Oil: a natural moisturizer; loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants; provides barrier for skin, but does not clog the pores.

Effective Anti-Aging Products

chanel-ultra-correction-liftYou might do your best to take care of your skin, but aging is still inevitable, or is it?

Based on the claims of numerous anti-aging products you would think that beauty product companies have already found the fountain of youth, but the truth is that even the best anti-aging products and treatments cannot really reverse the aging process. What the best products and treatments can do for you though is to slow down the aging process and repair what is possible. Still, these products are indeed worth looking into since they do deliver the result they promise – a more youthful ageless skin.

If you are looking for the best anti-aging products in the market though, be warned that most of these products are pretty expensive. This is especially true for the more effective cosmetic treatments administered by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. But hey, saving up for a product and treatment that actually works is a lot better than wasting your money on cheap ones that do nothing but add chemicals on your skin.

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Eye Cream

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High quality eye cream should be one of the necessary topical in any anti-aging protocol. This is due to the fact that the skin in this area is extremely thin and delicate making it vulnerable to damage. As we get older our bodies produces less collagen decreasing the skin’s suppleness and elastin fibers loose their elasticity decreasing its ability to regain its form. Another factor contributing to the changes are environment, stress, sun exposure and other toxins. It is highly important that we use preventative measures in protecting this vulnerable part of our faces.

Fortunately today with advance chemistry, skin care methods have the ability to produce eye creams that addess the eye concerns. Kinerase® Intensive Eye Cream contains kinetin (N6-furfuryladenine) to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate eye area. It is Non-Comedogenic and Hypoallergenic.

Nivea for Men: Cooling Aftershave Balm

After shaves has been stapled to the shaving ritual because it soothes your skin after shaving. It also relieves painful razor burns and cuts inflicted by shaving, and disinfecting it to prevent infection.

To aid this need NIVEA for Men formulated a shaving balm that would give you the benefits presented above while keeping your skin smooth, moisturized and comfortable.

The NIVEA Cooling Aftershave Balm is Alcohol free. It does not sting or dry your skin unlike the alcohol based ones. It has a cooling action that will immediately relieve razor burns immediately upon application.

It is dermatologically tested and proven safe for everyday use.

Nivea for Men:NIVEA for Men Cooling Shave Gel

Some women love their men rough and rugged, but some prefer the smooth suave type. But can you shave flawlessly without a shaving cream? Certainly yes… with a shaving gel.

Presenting the NIVEA for Men Cooling Shave Gel.

This specially formulated gel is designed to revitalize and moisturize your skin while shaving.
It also improves prevents the chances of your skin getting cuts or razor burns and it is enriched with advanced moisturizers to make your skin feeling masculinely smooth and soft.
The NIVEA for Men Cooling Shave Gel has Menthol and Vitamin F for immediate cooling action.
It is dermatologically tested and proven safe for everyday use.

Uses of skin care products

Enhancing, hiding, and removal of one’s features are believed to be the three main uses of skin care products. Enhancing is done in times that one, for instance, has dry skin. Those moisturizing lotion and creams are used to enhance one’s skin making it smoother. On the other hand, hiding through skin care products is also possible. When one seems to have those unwanted spots such as pimples marks, there are those products that temporarily remove and lighten. Lastly, these products are most of the time used also for removal of the same unwanted features that are in need of specifics products to be cured. Examples are allergies, skin asthmas, and others. No matter what these products are used for, it is important that users don’t abuse its usage and though these products may appear very effective, there will always be limitations. In dealing with skin care products, one must be aware of its effects may it be positive or negative.