Invest in Top Natural Skin Care Products For Men

There is no reason why men should not treat their skin with top natural skin care products the same as women. We men need to move away from the idea that its our feminine side coming out and start realising that the collagen and keratin that makes up a women skin also makes up ours.

Choosing top natural skin care products especially designed for men is the basic first step. Although made from that same basic ingredients, men’s and women’s skin reacts slightly differently to the ageing process and contains different amounts of collagen and keratin. In fact men’s skin is slightly thicker. This mean that we take longer to show the signs of ageing but when it starts it takes no prisoners! Wrinkles appear quickly and they dig deep.

By using one of the top natural skin care products for men we can delay the decline and slow the wrinkles but we have to pick the correct products. There are so many skin care for men products claiming to turn back the years with added collagen that it is easy to get confused. Let’s stop the confusion and cut to the chase. These products don’t work.

Here’s the science bit. Collagen is a long chain molecule made naturally by cells. It provides strength and elasticity to skin amongst other things. Collagen degrades as we age and this is what causes sagging jowls and deep wrinkles. Collagen is too big to be absorbed by the skin and synthetic collagen is not recognised by the cells. Seems like a hopeless case. Here is the answer.

Follow these three simple steps and you will encourage your body to naturally start making collagen at higher levels thus giving your skin more elasticity and less wrinkles. Step 1 – Drink plenty of water. Step 2 – Eat a variety of fresh fruit and veg every day. Step 3 – Try to stay out of direct sunlight.

Add to these simple steps a top natural skin care product containing natural vitamin E, witch hazel and grapeseed oil amongst other ingredients and you will be well on your way to regaining your youthful glow.

Following extensive research I came across one completely natural skin care product for men that completely blew me away. It contains something called Cynergy TK. This substance containing functional keratin is being hailed as the closest thing to a miracle ingredient in reversing the signs of ageing. If you want more information follow through to the website and find out the details today.

Loofah: The Good and the Bad

washcloth bathsponge and loofahLoofahs are supposed to keep your skin squeaky clean, but sometimes this excellent tool for skin exfoliation ends up being the cause for your skin woes.

If you use a loofah to scrub your body clean during bath time, it is important that you always rinse it well afterwards and hang it somewhere where it can dry out. As we’ve said before, it’s very important that you keep your beauty products clean. Since loofah is made from plant material, this great body scrub can be a hot bed for bacteria if it stays damp all the time. Allowing bacteria to flourish on your loofah is a big mistake since they can irritate your skins, and worse, give you skin infections.

So make sure your loofah doesn’t stay wet and soggy all the time to secure your skin’s health. If need be, take them out of the shower area and hang it outside where the sun can dry it well. You can also use two alternate between them to ensure that they have enough time to dry between use.

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Oily Skin Care Products – Some Things You Need to Know

Nor matter what time of the year, over active glands cause oily skin; sometimes they produce too much sebum (the oil that is produced in the skin), which leads to oily, greasy looking skin and extremely clogged pores. Naturally, the smothering humidity most of the world deals with during the summer adds to the problem – you can hardly step outside for two seconds without sweating profusely!

Fortunately, there are plenty of oily skincare products on the market; however, you need to be very careful about what you use, because some oily skincare products are comprised of harsh ingredients which can ultimately do your skin more harm than good. In order to find the best oily skin care regime, you have to be aware of what will actually help you and what you could potential hurt you.

In general, taking a holistic approach to oily skin works best. Sometimes it is necessary to get professional skincare advice but, as mentioned, there are plenty of nonprescription, over the counter remedies as well. Ideally, truly helpful oily skincare products will cause your skin to produce less oil and clean out clogged pores.

One of the most effective ingredients you should look for in a skin cream to reduce the production of oil is jojoba oil. I know it seems like using an oil to reduce oil in the skin doesn’t make sense. However, because jojoba oil is very similar to in make-up to human sebum, it is effective. At the same time, it will act as a moisturizer and help reduce wrinkles and stretch marks.

Oily skincare products which rely on exfoliation techniques can be extremely helpful as well, especially in terms of being beneficial to pores clogged with oil and debris. You definitely want to stay away from products which contain alcohol based ingredients; these tend to be harsh and can cause inflammation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Another ingredient to avoid in oily skincare products is mineral oil. Mineral oil will contribute to clogged pores and in the long run can be damaging to the skin. When developing your oily skin care plan, be looking for a product that is as all natural as possible.

Instead of mineral oil, look for olive oil skincare creams and lotions. Olive oil is actually more compatible with the human skin than any other natural plant oils.

In truth, one of the best ways to undertake an oily skin care regime is to use soap and water. Whenever possible, follow this up with oily skincare products to replenish the skin.

As you are shopping for oily skincare products, remember these points. Take a holistic approach by looking for natural products. If something on the ingredient label sounds like a chemical, it probably is. The guideline I use is, if it is not safe to take internally, you probably do not want to be putting it on your skin. By finding a cream for oily skin care that has ingredients that are plant based with vitamins and nutrients in it, you will be assured of their safety and effectiveness.

Lips are skin too!


What do you often do before going to bed at night? You wash your face with a cleanser, wipe it clean with a toner, moisturize it with creams. During the day, you put on sunscreen. But what about your lips? Lips are skin too.

There are products for cleaning and moisturizing the lips. A lipstick remover should be used to wipe out residual lipstick without drying out the lips. Several organic, plant-based lipsticks contain moisturizers and sunscreen with SPF 15 to protect the lips from moisture loss and from the harmful rays of the sun. Add protection to your usual lip color!

Microdermabrasion – For a Youthful Skin


With microdermabrasion, you can improve your skin tone, bring back its luster, and get rid of superficial scars from acne. Depending on the condition of your skin, you can have as many as six peelings to achieve the best results. The usual treatment regimen is every one to two weeks. This procedure is done by the use of aluminum crystals that help peel the skin.

This procedure can be done on the skin of the body that are usually exposed to sun damage like the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. Even those with irregular skin pigmentation, those with irregular and rough skin, wrinkles and stretch marks can also benefit from this. Look for more information about how microdermabrasion can help you.

Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs)


Over the last five years, the popularity have been increasing for over-the-counter skin care products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic, tartaric and citric acids). In the Unitd States alone, there are more than 200 manufacturers of skin care products that contain these alpha-hydroxy acids.

Some creams and lotions have alpha-hydroxy acids? for decreasing enlarged pores, and for clearing irregular pigmentation, age spots and fine lines. There are side effects, though, of alpha-hydroxy acids, like mild skin irritation and? sensitivity to sun. Because of this, a sunscreen also should be used in the morning. In order to help avoid skin irritation with alpha-hydroxy acids, start with a product that has low concentrations of AHA.? Be sure also to ease into it. You may want to slowly condition your skin to alpha-hydroxy acids. Initially apply the skin care product, say, every other day. Do it gradually until such time that it you work up to daily application.

Maintaining one’s skin

Maintaining one’s skin doesn’t necessarily involve the usage of those expensive creams and the need for procedures but it is actually enough that a person knows the proper way of dealing with one’s skin in a regular basis. It all starts with one having the initiative of taking a bath at least twice a day. This is to remove the dirt caused by everyday activities. Also, there is no need for applying alternating or various expensive creams; one moisturizing lotion is enough for everyday use. After taking a bath, it is encouraged that this is applied to moisturize one’s skin that might have been somewhat dried by the soap used. Those two steps stated above might appear to be very simple but also are proven ways of maintaining one’s skin. A person must not overlook the importance of regular showers or bath because it is only through those that one’s skin is cleaned.

Bathe in Milk


Milk is proven to be good for the body – inside and out. Milk baths are usually associated with Cleopatra the royal Egyptian who has been a symbol of beauty and youthfulness.

Milk on skin is known for its moisturizing benefits, and it also prevents darkening of the skin due to aging. It contains beta-hydroxyl acids that helps in exfoliation, showing a soft glow. Milk also contains lactic acid that cleanses and softens the skin, and promotes cell renewal. It also has alpha-hydroxyl acid that helps remove dead skin cells.

Milk soaps and baths are used like regular soaps, and should be thoroughly rinsed off after 10 minutes. Soaking in milk baths for too long is not advisable.




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