Eye Cream

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High quality eye cream should be one of the necessary topical in any anti-aging protocol. This is due to the fact that the skin in this area is extremely thin and delicate making it vulnerable to damage. As we get older our bodies produces less collagen decreasing the skin’s suppleness and elastin fibers loose their elasticity decreasing its ability to regain its form. Another factor contributing to the changes are environment, stress, sun exposure and other toxins. It is highly important that we use preventative measures in protecting this vulnerable part of our faces.

Fortunately today with advance chemistry, skin care methods have the ability to produce eye creams that addess the eye concerns. Kinerase® Intensive Eye Cream contains kinetin (N6-furfuryladenine) to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate eye area. It is Non-Comedogenic and Hypoallergenic.

Fight Aging with Exfoliation

glowing-skin.jpgSkin exfoliation has many benefits.? It brings a healthy glow to your skin by removing old skin cells. But did you know it also helps fight aging? Exfoliation improves the skin’s capacity to absorb moisture, and reduces fine lines.

There are two ways to exfoliate: manual and chemical.

Manual exfoliation is done by using a mildly abrasive glove, washcloth, or exfoliating mask/scrub. When exfoliating, it’s always a good idea to start with cleansed skin. Wet the skin, and apply scrub all over with your hands using gentle circular motions. Do not rub too hard as this will result to irritation and reddening. Spend about five minutes on rougher surfaces such as the elbows, knees, and soles of the feet. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Apply a moisturizing lotion immediately afterwards. You will feel soft and smooth all over.

Watch out for the next article on chemical exfoliation.

Skin Care Products – Three Ingredients to Look For in Effective Skin Products

Finding the best places to purchase your skin care products can take a little work. Some of the best skin care products found in the world is the ones without synthetic chemicals and ingredients that are hazardous to your health. They are also the ones that are fragrance free and good for you.

The place to consider when purchasing your products is the one that can offer it at a good price and guarantee what they provide to their customers. The ingredients in any particular product need to be of the highest quality.

Listed below are some (three to be specific) of the best skin care products found on the market not only because the work, they seem to become a best friend to those who use them.

Functional Keratin

This ingredient is created in Europe and is used in creams and lotions all over the world. It is one of those items characterized as a protein peptide. It contains amino acids and is recommended by top dermatologists because of how it raises you collagen levels and helps to fade wrinkles.

Research shows that it is also good for dermatitis treatment. It also helps to moisturize dry skin and keeps it soft for at least 24 hours after application.

Wakame Kelp

Wakame kelp or seaweed is among the list of ancient Japanese skin care products. Because of its lore and myth in how well it works, research was conducted to validate those theories. They discovered it helps to block enzymes on the skin that are known to break down the tight and elastic compounds of the skin.

Dermatologists tell patients to use skin care products with hyaluronic acid because it tightens the skin but found that the kelp helps it to stay tighter longer.


This strange looking ingredient is a mix between Coenzyme 10 and Vitamin E. The mix is able to go through the tough layers of skin into the tissue beneath where it will do the most good to the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun.

It works to fight free radicals on the skin and will help to repair some problems that have already happened. It will help to reduce the visible signs of aging including wrinkles, lines, and age spots. It may be effective in reducing cancer of the skin. That, in itself, is worth the money you will spend on products containing this ingredient and the others above.

Top Rated Skin Care Products

Nowadays, when you browse through the racks in the stores, you cannot help but be confused about what items to place in your basket. It seems like you have this battle of the unknown when shopping. It is not an issue of money because cosmetics and toiletries are always at discounted prices even when there is no sale.

Cetaphil is a very mild visage cleanser that is among the top rated skin care products that has received more than five thumbs up by a lot of reviews. Many consumers have been long- time patrons because it does not dry the face. It can be washed by either water or cotton. However, when you are planning to use Cetaphil to remove your make- up, it is not a very wise choice.

Neutrogena is also a visage cleanser that is one of the top rated skin care products recognized as a great agent for taking off foundation, blush-on, eye shadow and mascara, to name a few. Containing hydroxy acid, it is has been proven to penetrate down to the pores. What makes it very exciting for consumers is that they have a choice to buy Nuetrogena in cream, gel and cloth types that will fit well with any woman’s lifestyle.

Mary Kay is another visage cleaner that is among the top rated skin care products for the A- list class because of its expensive price. Consumers have been loving it because aside from the benefits of the three-in-one package, it also leaves consumers’ faces fresh even after the pressure and stress. An anti-aging concentration, Mary Kay contains retinyl palmitate, microbeads and witamin E.

Olay is also a visage cleanser that has been favored by professionals for many years. It can be stuffed right into a lady’s small purse and be bought in packs that have small films inside. With just a single swipe on your face, the thin sheet will reveal the oils extracted out of your body. This disposable towelette from Olay is very easy on the packet and can be conveniently applied anytime.

Proactive is a visage cleanser that is perfect for types of external layers that are prone to acne. Critics say that it is very gentle which can even eliminate blemishes within a few days. With benzoyl peroxide among the main ingredients, there were some consumers who said that Proactive is irritating to those having sensitive faces.

Nivea for Men:NIVEA for Men Cool Body Wash

Nothing jumpstarts our day better than a cool splash in the morning. Rejuvenate your senses with NIVEA for Men Cool Body Wash. It has a refreshing scent and its cooling blue gel infused with menthol cleans and invigorates the skin making you ready for the day ahead.

NIVEA for Men is specially formulated for men’s body chemistry and it is guaranteed to remove dirt and sweat effectively. Unlike soap and other body wash, it will not dry your skin making you feel clean and refreshed all day long.

It is dermatologically tested and proven safe for everyday use.

Tea Tree Oil + Silver Nitrate = Better Antibacterial products

teatreeResearchers have found that the effectiveness of tea tree oil as an anti-microbial agent is increased greatly when combined with silver nitrite. The common adage that says more is better seems to go the opposite with these compounds which have been found to be more effective when combine in very low concentrations than more potent mixtures. The mix has been found to be effective against infectious skin bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus which is known to be a common cause of skin infections and abscesses, along with Candida albicans that is the major cause of thrush. The combined agents were found to be toxic at high levels which prompted the researchers to use a different approach, lowering the concentrations till they found the best possible combination. Administered to infected wounds, the low concentrations allowed controlled release of the active ingredients minimizing toxicity and thus becoming more effective.
Both have very good anti-microbial abilities, but used alone and in high doses, they have been found to cause severe side effects such as irritation and more. combining them and lowering their concentration in a solution complements each other to make one good anti-microbial/anti-bacterial agent for future skin treatment products

Foot Spa-a


The most neglected section of the skin is probably the foot area. We wash our faces with cleansers, moisturize it with anti-aging creams, and color it with pharmaceutical grade make-up. But the foot only gets a soap wash. It’s time to pamper the hardworking and neglected feet. Have your own foot-spa-at-home.

You will need a basin big enough for your feet to relax on, and some basic foot spa items like soak tablets that will be dissolved in water that will condition the soaked feet , foot file that have abrasive sides to rub the feet with and remove dead skin; callous “softener” to help remove thick skin without causing sores; foot creams to maintain the softness after removing dry and dead skin.


How to Compare Anti Aging Skin Care Products

If you are looking for a good anti aging skin care product, you probably are a bit overwhelmed on what to look for. Honestly, we hear all different things all day long — there are so many different symptoms, so many different ideas on how to deal with them and so many different companies that want us to buy their products. How are we to choose?

I find it helps to boil such complex matter down to their most common denominators, so to speak. If you can list most or all of the main issues of a problem, often enough, you can find that a lot of those issues have a common source and that’s a lot easier to get your head around.
So then, what are the most common symptoms related to aging skin?
Wrinkles, of course! Skin being less  firm and smooth Skin loses it “elasticity” – you know, when you pinch the skin, say, on the back of your hand, and it doesn’t “snap back”. Many more — but that’s enough to get us started!

OK — what’s the common denominator, you ask? Collagen and elastin. They are at the root of all the above “evils.”

Sadly, as we age, we naturally produce less of these two key ingredients to youthful looking skin. Decreased levels of collagen and elastin lead to all of the above and many more symptoms. If you can find an anti aging skin care product that tackles those two, you are well on your way.
But, there are a lot of people out there who will try to sell you supplements to take, like vitamins. Or, lotion manufacturers who would have you believe that if you use their product, which lists collagen as an ingredient, that will help. Sadly, that’s not the case. 
You don’t need to take collagen pills or rub it on your hands and arms. What you need to do is stop the loss of collagen and elastin, and find an anti aging skin care product with ingredients that have been proven to stimulate new production of collagen and elastin. Here are some key components to look for.

In addition to its own properties that help with skin’s firmness and elasticity, keratin is directly related to stimulated production of collage and elastin, and it helps those two work better. The best form of keratin for improving aging skin is known as “bio-active.” You can find this under such trade names as Functional Keratin, and CynergyTK.

Actually, this is not an ingredient — but, it is something that your anti aging skin care product must deal with. Hyaluronic Acid is essential to maintaining the elasticity, smoothness and tone of the skin. It helps elastin and collagen fibers to their job. A natural enzymatic process occurs as we age that reduces levels of hyaluronic acid in our skin. As a result, our skin doesn’t look as youthful as it once did. A particular type of Japanese kelp extract combats the breakdown of this protein.

OK, we’ve covered a good bit of information. I’ll end with a final shout-out to antioxidants. We’ve all heard plenty lately of the benefits of antioxidants. It’s about free radicals, molecules that have lost an electron and are looking to replace it. Antioxidants are happy to give up an extra electron, thus saving it being taken from other cells in our bodies.  Thus, they are a big player in anti aging skin care products.

Coenzyme Q10 (aka, CoQ10) is a powerful antioxidant that also acts to protect from too much sun exposure. 
OK, enough already. There’s a lot more to know; but, anti aging skin care products that cover all these bases are more than likely to cover the other ones, too. Come on over to my site if you’d like to know more!

Best Male Skin Care Products and Tips For a Better Facial Look

Although male skin care is similar to women skin care there are some subtle differences in their skin, however their skin is equally exposed to the adverse factors of age and toxins that comes through time.

Women used to be the ones that took care of their skin to avoid the damage from germs, diseases and skin conditions due to toxins, pollution and chemicals. However men have become more aware of the dangers that their skin is exposed to every day and that they also need a skin care routine.

Is not just about protecting your skin from getting wrinkled but is also a health issue. Lack of a healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle causes internal damages to the body that later reflects on the outside.

To keep their pores wholesome moist and vigorous mens skin treatments should have deep sanitization. One main difference in men and women skins, is that male tend to sweet more which results in larger and oilier pores.

As men age there comes a time when collagen production slows down and the skin becomes thinner, which therefore makes the skin to become more inclined to wrinkles.

Fortunately there are many male skin care products that have already been developed, but you need to make a correct evaluation of what kind of creme you are going to use on your skin.

People usually buy the creme that is more popular or the most recognized brand, but be careful because most cremes contain chemical ingredients and synthetic substances that can irritate the skin, cause inflammation and produce more wrinkles.

Mens skin care products should only contain organic ingredients that come from herbs, plant extracts, honey, vitamins and other natural elements.

One problem that the skin of male have is that it drys easily due to shaving, but by using a moisturizer after shaving you can avoid dehydratation of the skin.

Natural anti aging creams are a great option as long as they do not contain any chemical substances that can dry or irritate your skin.

NIVEA for Men: The NIVEA Moisturizing Shaving System (2/2)

The system includes the NIVEA FOR MEN Moisturizing Shaving Conditioner Lotion or Gel that soothes and moisturizes the skin while shaving, leaving it free from irritation. This system guarantees an extra comfortable shave that is sure to condition your skin to have a healthy look.

The formula includes Chamomile that restores skin moisture and soothes the skin while you are shaving thus preventing irritation. It also acts as the lubrication that enables the Cool Skin’s shaving headers superior gliding. The formula is enriched with Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 which conditions and cares for the skin.

The NIVEA for Men is a must try for those who wants to have a cleaner, faster and more comfortable shave.